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How To use this Form?

Dear User,

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our Online Formular for Technical Hotline Support requests for Vehicles and Products. The Formular is optimized for the following Internet Browsers.

The Online Form is divided in to four main sections that will help you post your support request as quickly as possible.

Bosch Automotive Web Contact Form

1. Company and Contact Information

Please enter your Bosch Hotline Customer Number and Company details in the upper part of the section. If your Internet Browser supports Autofill then you only have to fill all the fields the first time you use the form. After this the Browser will auto-suggest as soon as you start filling the fields.

In order to get back to you as quickly as possible we are also asking for your personal contact information. Personal information is optional. If you enter an email address in the E-mail field then you will recieve our reply on that E-mail otherwise we will use the company level E-mail. We are refering to our privacy statement on the main page.

In case you give us your contact details we will keep them up till 12 months after last activity. In case you are participating in our Training Courses we will keep your data as long as there's legal basis to do so.

Company Data

2. Category and Vehicle-/Product Support

In the Ticket Category Drop Down field you can select between Vehicle or Product Information. All depending on your selection additional form fields will appear.

Then fill in the subsequent fields as required or use the RB key to identify the vehicle. The RB Key can be found after the vehicle selection under the tab Vehicle Info in the ESI [tronic].

Durch Eingabe des RB-Schlüssel und anschließendes klicken auf „Suchen“ werden die restlichen Felder (ausgenommen Fahrgestellnummer, Erstzulassung und System) automatisch ausgefüllt.

Ergänzen Sie nun noch die Felder für Fahrgestellnummer, Erstzulassung und System. Bitte geben Sie im Feld „System“ die Systeme an, welche aktuell Probleme aufweisen oder aus denen Fehlercodes ausgelesen wurden.

Tip: The more information we get in advance, the faster we can process your request.

Ticket Category Vehicle Selection

3. Question

Please enter a subject such as "BMW 525d - unknown error code" or "E-Class - engine does not start". This will help us route your question to the right Agent.

Then please describe in detail the problem or symptom, as well as the tests and work already carried out, including information such as error codes, system pressures, voltage or resistance values, etc.      Again, the more information we get in advance, the faster and more targeted your request can be processed.


4. Data Privacy Notification

In order to be able to send your request to us, we will need your consent to storing of your contact information and your approval of our privacy policy.

To read out Privacy Policy please click the "Privacy Policy" button. The Privacy Policy will open in a new browser window. Please read carefully and if agreeable to you confirm the policy by checking the apropiate boxes.

Finally, please confirm that you are not a robot and then click on "Send request". Your request will be forwarded to the hotline and you will see a new screen with your Ticket Details. You can print this screen and save for later in case you have follow up questions regarding the Ticket.

In case you have further questions or need additional information you can also contact us by Telephone.